Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes… When planning a baby shower, what could be more fitting than serving baby-sized cakes (more commonly known as cupcakes) for dessert?

With elegantly decorated baby shower cupcakes on the party table, guests will be awaiting dessert with as much anticipation as the new arrival. Let's take a look at some fun cupcake ideas that are sure to rival even the most elaborate gifts:

  • Baby Shower Edible Cupcake Decorations - Sleek fondant provides the perfect foundation for edible toppings. Finish your tasty treats by topping with edible, pressed sugar decorations, such as baby carriages, rattles, baby animals, or diaper pins.

  • Baby Shower Nursery Theme Cupcake Decorations - Let the gift registry be your guide when you incorporate the mom-to-be's nursery theme into your cupcakes. Top each with a miniature teddy bear, ladybug, butterfly, or another design that will be prominently displayed in the nursery.

  • Baby Shower Cupcake Cake - Nestle cupcakes close together, and then frost them as if you're icing a cake. When it's time to serve, simply reach in for the next cupcake in line, and the frosting will follow. Layer the cupcake cake with soft pastel icing, or opt for brighter hues for a more festive look.

For a non-edible feast for the eyes, treat the mother-to-be with a cupcake diaper cake. To make, roll seven small-sized diapers into individual rolls (jellyroll style), and then secure the bundle with a ribbon. Frost the cupcake diaper cake by draping the diaper bundle with a baby washcloth, and tuck the ends under the ribbon. Finish by topping with a small toy, stuffed animal, or rattle.

With so many baby shower cupcake ideas to choose from, celebrating the impending bundle of joy has never been sweeter!

Baby Cupcakes

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