Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes… With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it's never too soon to start planning the menu for the festivities.

This year, make your holiday even sweeter by adding beautifully decorated Christmas cupcakes to the dessert table, or by presenting cupcake gifts to friends and family. For inspiration, here are a few fun cupcake ideas to get you started:

Snowman Cupcakes - Mittens aren't required for whipping up a batch of snowman cupcakes. To prepare, begin with a cooled cupcake that's been generously frosted with white icing. Next, form the snowman's base using a flattened marshmallow. Snip a marshmallow in half horizontally using kitchen shears, and stack the two halves together on top of the base. Secure them by pressing a pretzel stick through the snowman, leaving space at the bottom to press into the cupcake. For the hat, add a thin chocolate cookie topped with chocolate drop. Use gel icing to add buttons and eyes, and a sliver of orange slice candy for the nose.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes - Christmas tree cupcakes couldn't be easier to make - simply pipe on green icing in a spiral, forming a peak at the center of each cupcake. Then, decorate the tree with silver and gold dragees, edible pearls, or brightly colored mini candy ornaments.

While any favorite recipe will work well for these cupcakes, gingerbread is especially tasty on blustery winter days. To decorate, frost with a smooth base and embellish with a piped-on white icing face, or ice generously with large swirls and insert a miniature gingerbread cookie into the icing.

With so many delicious cupcake recipes and decorating ideas to sample, Christmas cupcakes will certainly top your list for giving and receiving. Enjoy sharing this versatile, delicious dessert with family and friends this holiday season.

Snowman Cupcakes

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