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Cupcake Bakeries… There are bakeries that specialize in donuts and those are good. There are bakeries that make beautiful wedding cakes, and those are good too. Then there are bakeries that only sell cupcakes and those are among the very best because, with cupcakes you don't have to decide what flavor you want, you can have two! When buying cupcakes for a party or to serve as dessert no matter what the meal, opt for buying a selection of flavors and icing combinations because there is always one person who wants chocolate with chocolate icing and those who want white with vanilla icing and so on. Aim for two cupcakes per person, because after they have eaten the one they swore they had to have, they will decide that the other looked especially tasty after all.

Cupcake bakeries can make a variety of cupcakes for your event or celebration and there are those who are opting for wedding towers made up of the most beautifully decorated cupcakes you have ever seen. They are easier to serve and easier to deal with then the traditional cake and in many cases, far less expensive as well.

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