Cupcake Designs

Cupcake designs can take on the look of a grand building or a simple flower. You might find a ladybug cupcake, or a puppy dog cupcake. Even the portrait of your own little girl can be put onto a cupcake by a skilled cupcake baker.

Whether the cupcakes are grouped together to form a pattern or they are a single cake that has a simple design, cupcakes are quickly becoming the star of the pastry world and why shouldn't they? They are simple to serve, simple to eat and if you have a selection of flavors there is one to please virtually anybody.

Imagine going to a party where no one cried because so and so got the little rose, because everyone gets one? Or what if you just stand back and let the kids design the cupcakes themselves and see what magic they can come up on their own?

You might be shocked by how brilliant and creative that kids can be when they have a naked cupcake, some icing and some assorted sprinkles to use.

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