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Cupcakes For Kids… If you're looking for a show-stopper dessert for your child's next birthday party, or a fun, tasty treat to send to school parties, look no further than creative cupcakes for kids. With so many fun cupcake ideas to choose from, cupcakes are much more than a delicious treat - they're a main attraction! Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes: For quick and easy Mickey Mouse cupcakes, frost cupcake tops with heaping swirls of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry icing, drizzle generously with festive Mickey sprinkles, and top with a Mickey Mouse-shaped lollipop or cupcake topper. To make three-dimensional Mickey Mouse cupcakes, frost the tops smooth with chocolate icing and press upended chocolate miniature cookies on each side for ears.

Star Wars Cupcakes: You don't need the power of the Force to create out-of-this-world Star Wars cupcakes. Frost the tops of cupcakes smooth and adorn with rolled, tinted fondant cut-outs of your favorite Star Wars characters, using black gel icing for the finishing touches. For Star Wars cupcakes in a flash, bake cupcakes in decorated liners and top them with light sabers crafted from pretzel sticks dipped in tinted white chocolate.

Princess Cupcakes: Your little princess will be charmed when you present her with ultra-feminine princess cupcakes. Begin by frosting each cupcake with swirls of creamy pink icing, and adorn each with edible pearls and glinting silver and gold dragees. Edge with frilly lace fondant and top with a pressed sugar crown or non-edible princess jewelry.

Football Cupcakes: Score a dessert touchdown with easy-to-make football cupcakes. To prepare, frost cupcake tops with Astroturf green icing and finish them with edible sugar footballs, or with goalposts fashioned from pretzel sticks held together with dabs of icing. Or, frost cupcakes in team colors and affix a pennant flag to each.

Clown Cupcakes: Clown cupcakes are sure to elicit smiles. To make, frost each cupcake smooth with white icing and decorate with puffs of cotton candy hair and miniature candy faces. For the clown's hat, use kitchen shears to trim sugar cones down to size and decorate with piped-on icing.

With so many fun cupcake ideas, creating a cupcake masterpiece for your next party will be a piece of cake! Enjoy sharing these creative cupcakes with the sweets-loving kids in your life.

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