Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes…This Easter, why not top off your Sunday dinner with a dessert of eggcellent cupcakes?

With so many colorful icings and spectacular toppings to choose from, they're as much fun to behold as they are to eat. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Easter CupcakesEaster Cupcakes
  • Easter Bunny Cupcakes- After frosting cupcakes in a soft, pastel hue, form the bunny's face by topping each cupcake with a heaping dollop of white frosting. To make ears, snip a large marshmallow crosswise into five pieces and then separate each piece in half. Press the sticky side of each marshmallow into pink sugar, and place on each side of the white frosting dollop. Use mini candies for the bunny's eyes and nose, and add sprinkles lengthwise for whiskers.

  • Easter Basket Cupcakes - To make Easter basket cupcakes, begin with a fluffy layer of green icing. Next, dip the sides of each frosted cupcake in a shallow dish filled with sugar crystals. Use flexible candy, such as Sour Punch Straws or a few strands of twisted licorice rope, and press into each side of the cupcake to form a handle. Then, fill the Easter basket by topping the cupcake with jellybeans, foil wrapped bunnies, or candy coins.

  • Easter Cupcake Recipes - While prepared mixes are delicious and easy to prepare, these warrant a little special attention. Welcome spring by whipping up a batch of moist carrot cupcakes, or decadent Ginger Passion Fruit Cupcakes. Or, put a fun spin on your favorite cupcake recipe by baking them with a surprise inside-place a vanilla wafer in the bottom of each liner, fill each halfway with batter, insert a chocolate egg, and bake according to recipe specifications.

Enjoy celebrating Easter by serving whimsical, delicious cupcakes that are sure to get your guests' taste buds hopping.

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