Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes - Besides their birthday or Christmas, there's nothing kids love more than Halloween.

Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes

They love the candy, they love dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else, and they love celebrating the event at school. Besides just giving them candy and going trick-or-treating, Halloween can be made special to your child by spending even more time with them. One way of fulfilling this is the time-honored tradition of making Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes

Whether the cupcakes are for their school, the workplace, or to be devoured between the two of you, they can be a lot of fun both to make and decorate. Kids love to help in the kitchen, especially when they can eat the end result. Get your child excited and start coming up with some ideas for what to do and what special items you can add to the Halloween cupcakes. For example, you can pick a theme like one of the following:
  • Monsters

  • Goblins

  • Skeletons

  • Vampires

  • Ghosts

  • Gravestones

  • Pumpkins

  • Cauldrons

  • Zombies

  • Frankensteins

  • Werewolves

  • Spiders

  • Skulls

Spider Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes

You need to pick a good color, too. A complicated theme might work better with a simple color like orange, black, brown, or white. These colors can be achieved through either food coloring or the type of cupcake batter you make.

Start with one of our delicious cupcake recipes and then add something creative, like M&Ms, gummy worms, cookies or candies. There are lots of different ways to create fun Halloween themed cupcakes.

Once you have your ingredients list, you can go to any grocery store and pick up the necessary items. Be sure to pick up cupcake wrappers and a muffin pan as well. It's hard to make good cupcakes on Halloween without the wrappers, and Halloween itself is a busy day to visit the grocery store. If you can, go to the supermarket before October 31st or order online in order to beat the rush and minimize the time you spend waiting in line.

Your kids will be very excited to start making Halloween themed cupcakes. It is a good idea to include your children by having them stir ingredients into the bowl which you have already measured. This way, they can be involved, but there is no chance that any ingredient will be mis-measured and result in deformed or inedible cupcakes! Your kids can also spoon the finished batter into the cupcake papers and watch you put the pan into the oven.

After the cupcakes are baked, allow them to cool before you decorate them. This is a very important step. Hot cupcakes will melt any food coloring or icing decorations. You can ice the cupcakes fully in a clean layer or use the icing to draw designs. Be creative and use other candy to make faces. You can also elect to make "gross" cupcakes that have gummy worms in them or other unusual candy items.

The finished cupcakes can be eaten promptly or saved for a party or the workplace. Halloween cupcakes are fun to make by yourself or with your child to celebrate the holiday.

Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Cupcakes

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