Spider Cupcakes are Creepy and Tasty

Spider Cupcakes

When Halloween rolls around, it is time to start thinking about cupcakes that are quite tasty but that also represent the day quite well. There are lots of options, but one that allows you to use your creativity and still keep a creepy theme is the spider cupcake. Spider cupcakes can be made in a few different ways, so here are some suggestions to make them fun and unique.

Start with chocolate cake batter. You can achieve this easily with either a recipe for homemade devil's food cake or a cake mix. Homemade cake will work well, but cake mix will work fine too. You can decide which to use depending on your time and your skill with baking.

For the cupcake pan liners, you can choose to use plain white ones if you want the emphasis to be only on the decoration. You can also use Halloween themed liners or purple ones. The choice is yours.

When you get ready to decorate, you will need to start with black icing. You can put it on the cupcakes thickly with a knife or you can pipe it on with a pastry bag. If you pipe it on with a star shaped decorator's tip, you can give the spider an extra creepy furry look!

There are a few different ways to create the spider's legs. You can use black licorice sticks to easily create edible legs. For extra interest, you can use pretzels that you have dipped in chocolate. If you prefer that creepy crawly fur look, you can always use black pipe cleaners. Just keep in mind that spiders have eight legs, not six!

Finally, you will need to create eyes and, if you choose, scary fangs. You can get the eyes to look right by either piping on red icing or using red candies. You can also find hard sugar candies that are made to look like eyes. For fangs, just pipe on yellow or white frosting in upside down triangle shapes. You can create these features in a number of different ways, varying from cute to creepy. Just determine which will work best for your event.

When it is Halloween time and you are planning a party or event, consider the spider cupcakes. They are not hard to make, but they are fun and creative. You will just need a few special decorator items, and you will soon find your counter filled with the creepy crawlies!

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