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While wedding cakes have been standard reception fare for over 100 years, many brides are bucking this tradition - and saving a few bucks, too - by choosing cupcake wedding cakes instead. While baking and decorating a four-tiered wedding cake is challenging for even the most seasoned home bakers, preparing 60 or 80 elegantly decorated cupcakes is much easier. Though cupcakes may conjure images of childhood parties or casual get-togethers, remember that even the most casual foods look elegant when they're presented with flair.

Whether you're baking and decorating the cupcake wedding cakes yourself or purchasing them from a bakery, here are a few points to consider:

Wedding themed cupcake liners: Fancy cupcake liners are available in a vast palette of metallics and solids to match most any wedding color theme. For an extra touch of elegance, consider lacy, laser-cut cupcake liners etched with filigreed butterflies, doves, or orchids. If you're buying the cupcake supplies yourself, expect to pay about .10 each for solid cupcake liners and 1.00 each for laser-cut.

Wedding cupcake towers: This majestic dessert combines the traditional and the trendy by displaying cupcakes in graduated layers to resemble an elegant, tiered wedding cake. If you're having a bakery prepare your cupcakes, ask if they have a cupcake tower for rent or whether you'll need to purchase or make one. Ordinary cake tiers may work, providing you don't add too many layers.

Wedding cupcake stands: These specially designed stands use wires to encircle each cupcake, tending to be more stable than cupcake towers for large displays. Cupcake stands are available in a variety of shapes, including trees, hearts, and tiers.

Remember, choosing cupcake wedding cakes doesn't mean you have to forego the cake cutting ceremony or the wedding cake topper. You can literally have your cake and eat it too by adding a small, 6" diameter cake on top of your cupcake stand.

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